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As the hard disk of storage equipment, the machine rate of occurrence breakdown is not old, use medium hard disk normally, if do not get the influence of outside force, won't appear commonly problem, and the hard disk of a few such as that we see the hardware breakdown such as circuit board burn down, because what the special operation of the user causes,also be. But work in the maintenance of the computer in, hard disk bad path is to often encounter hard disk trouble however, among them the occurrence that major hitch is dish of substance appearance is bad path. The circuit of the hard disk of this part board it is good, in the CMOS setting that switch on the mobile phone, disk parameter can detect come out, if discard these hard disk, it is to hold out regrettablly. Actually, bad path appears in hard disk commonly begin section. Pass the processing of PartitionMagicd of PowerQuest divisional software, pass proper adjustment divisional, bypass these bad paths, reduce a few sizes, besides distributinging to cannot be used in the space near bad path, these hard disk can be used normally completely.

Normally, we are OK of repair " bad hard disk " have a few kinds of cases: It is to guide make mistake, cannot start normally. May not of this kind of circumstance is " bad " , keep clear of normally MBR, it is good that again new partition has 70% . 2 be but normal partition, but the format is changed, but scanning discovers " B " of mark, what say normally namely " give bad way " . Can not divide here " physical bad path " or " logic bad path " , "B " if the amount is little (little at 100) , it is OK to basically have 80% repair is " good hard disk " . 3 be cannot normal partition, or the format after partition is over is not changed. This kind of circumstance should use major to maintain software, inspect different brand, repair rate is different. Achieve commonly 50% the left and right sides.

Additional, some hard disk suffer destroy serious, bad fan area is too much (some dish cannot exceed 3000, some cannot exceed 8000, some allow to exceed 10000) however, settling way is the magnetic head that excision has a problem, or reduce a size, change model at the same time, also be a practicable " good hard disk " . Can raise repair rate greatly so!

So, after repairing " good hard disk " have with the hard disk that had not repaired why to distinguish? Answer: To the user the feeling is less than any distinction, be not professional personage not to look to give distinction! Because use, is manufacturer technology comes repair, manufacturer technician also may not looks reach distinction is in!

Machine of a Pentium4, use 80GB hard disk, system of the Windows XP that start, stay in the picture that start all the time, hard disk is ceaseless " Ka Ka " noisy, apparent hard disk gave an issue. This hard disk is divided into C(20GB) , D(30GB) , E(30GB) 3 disk are divisional, among them C dish it is system and application software, d and E dish it is user data. According to this kind of circumstance, the C that can be being judged is systematic place dish have bad way.
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