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A few days ago a friend takes a hard disk, tell me to say this hard disk cannot be started suddenly, let me help check is looked up, I had taken hard disk to look, it is the hard disk that an elder brother vacates 15G, used still do not arrive one year (because be not bought in this locality, should find agency very troublesome) , get on the computer that bad hard disk receives me, can detect in BIOS this hard disk, but start " when Verifying DMI Data" , hard disk lamp is long bright, the system was not moved however. Unplug below former the hard disk on computer, receive this bad hard disk alone advocate dish on, start with floppy disk, remain start " did not have when Verifying DMI Data" answer, look the question is not simple.
It is very normal to work all the time before giving an issue as a result of this hard disk, never had discovered any bad ways, and the friend uses computer all along very careful, also did not let hard disk had sufferred what collision, looking should not be hard breakdown, because use the dead lock that undeserved place causes,estimation is, undertake low standard can solve a problem commonly. But there also is a problem now, want to receive this bad hard disk only namely on computer, no matter be to receive advocate dish or from dish go up, it is without giving thought to so be being returned from hard disk is from software dish, cannot start a system, such all low standard software cannot be used. Although also can start systematic hind to be received again first,go up bad hard disk, but such heat unplug the attaint that inserts possible meeting to create hard disk or other facility, or need not had better. Look can look for only advocate board the computer that low standard function contains in BIOS will have low case to it, and at hand cannot discover such computer again temporarily, I was immersed in predicament at a draught.
Be in in me this when this is vexed, the KV300 logic before I thought of suddenly a few years locks up incident, in those days KV300 logic is locked up also is so right hard disk undertook dying locking up, somebody thought up pair of hard disk later advocate the guiding that the method that guides fan area to clear will come to restore pair of hard disk, the phenomenon of breakdown also is mixed this hard disk exactly like, fortunately I still remember this kind of method, why need not will this kind of method try?
Then I got off again that bad hard disk, the hard disk that uses me formerly was received go up, after switching on the mobile phone afresh, start DOS solid mode to fall, carry out DEBUG to command C:w nextIndowscommandDEBUG (the likelihood has some of friend to not be familiar with it very much, want in those days the obligatory course that when I am attending a college, it can be computer major) , insert floppy disk of a piece of blank in soft drive right now, key in the following character in the software environment of DEBUG next:
- A 0100
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