The use of software of partition of commonly used hard disk
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One, divisional basic knowledge
1. Advocate divisional, patulous partition, logistic partition
Of a hard disk advocate the hard disk that partition includes an operating system to start an indispensible file and data namely is divisional, want to install an operating system on hard disk, criterion this hard disk must be gotten have advocate divisional.
Patulous partition is divided namely advocate the partition outside partition, but it cannot be used directly, must differentiate it again for a certain number of logistic partition just goes. Logistic partition namely we are usually in the operating system the D that sees, E, F dish.
2. Divisional format
"The format is changed be equivalent to making check on white paper " , and this partition format as this " grid " style, different operating system is hit " grid " means is different, the divisional form that at present Windows place uses basically has FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, among them almost all operating systems support FAT16. But the hard disk that uses FAT16 divisional form uses efficiency actually low, because this are divisional this nowadays,the format had been used rarely.
FAT32 uses 32 file to distribute a list, make its right the administrative ability of disk increases greatly, it is the divisional form that uses at most at present, win98/Me/2000/XP supports it. Usually, when partition, a King suggests everybody had better set partition the pattern that is FAT32, can obtain the biggest compatibility so.
The advantage of NTFS is security and stability extremely outstanding. Nevertheless besides WinNT/2000/XP, the operating system of other cannot identify this partition pattern, because this is in DOS, Win9X,cannot see the partition that uses this form.
3. Divisional principle
No matter use which kinds of divisional software, we are going up to new hard disk the following order should follow when building partition: Build advocate divisional → builds patulous and divisional → to build logistic and divisional → to activation advocate divisional → format changes all partition (graph 1) .

Who does actual measurement decide hard disk partition chooses?
This is afraid is the issue that everybody considers to know first most, looked to know afterwards! A few software that the author should introduce are Windows 98SE is started respectively dish in 2.05r2 edition of Sfdisk   of   of accessary Fdisk, Smart FDISK, Disk Manager (DM) ninety-five thousand five hundred with edition, Partition Magic (PM) 8.02 complete edition, the edition of MaxBlast3.06 of software of former plant tool that still has the hard disk that stride develop (DM of MB former plant) . After convenient sex, divisional format changes speed and partition, the use that basically inspects these a few software allows quantitative change to change.
The systematic configuration of the test is P4 2.0GHz, 256MB DDR266 memory, hard disk of the 40GB that stride develop (number D740X-6L) . When using every divisional software (Fdisk does not participate in partition) , the author uses hard disk FAT32 format to have partition, differentiate the first advocate we are inputted when partition " 5000 " , differentiate the 2nd divisional input " 10000 " , next no matter hard disk returns remnant,how many space delimits entirely for the 3rd partition. We delimit whole hard disk again finally it is advocate the fast and advanced pattern that partition has FAT32 pattern to its is changed, the form that tests every software changes rate. Through the test of a few hours, the author sums up as follows:
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