Hard disk data restores introductory tutorial
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The data structure of hard disk

A hard disk is bought first, we are used without method, you need to change its partition, pattern, install mount operating system to just can be used again next. The data of a complete hard disk should include 5 shares: MBR, DBR, FAT, DIR area and DATA area. Have only among them advocate leading fan area is exclusive, increase along with the addition of your divisional number of other.

Advocate lead fan area

Advocate the 0 tracks that guide fan area to be located in whole hard disk 0 cylinder an area, include hard disk advocate guide record MBR (Main Boot Record) express DPT with partition (Disk Partition Table) . Among them advocate the action that conducts a record checks divisional watch namely correct and decide which partition is guide partition, be in the this partition starting program when the program ends (namely area of fan of operating system guiding) transfer into memory tries to carry out. As to divisional watch, a lot of people know, indicate to begin with 80H or 00H, it is end mark with 55AAH, in all 64 byte, those who be located in this fan area most extreme. Be worth what carry is, MBR is by divisional program (for example the Fdisk.exe of DOS) of generation, different operating system is likely this fan area is endless and identical. If you have this intention OK also oneself go writing, want it to be able to finish aforementioned job only can, this also is the reason that why can realize much system to start (the word outside saying a problem: Shovel of ability of  of Tao of crucian carp of Sun of  leech  already You of round cowardly of  of  of Wan makeup noise standing tall and upright comes  of bursa of the lament that rip Du writes down  " chaste tree 

The operating system leads fan area

OBR (OS Boot Record) namely area of fan of operating system guiding, the 0 tracks that are located in hard disk normally 1 cylinder an area (this is to DOS, the system that with multiple guiding to those means starts is located in corresponding advocate divisional / the area of the first fan of patulous partition) , it is the area of the first fan that the operating system can visit directly, it also includes a bootstrap and a BPB that be called (BIOS Parameter Block) record sheet of devoir area parameter. Actually every logistic partition has an OBR, the category that its parameter inspects divisional size, operating system and differ somewhat. The main task of bootstrap is to judge what whether before catalog of devoir area root two files are an operating system to guide a file (for example MSDOS or the IO.SYS of the Win9x/Me of traceable MSDOS and MSDOS.SYS) . So, read in the first file memory, reach control advantageous position grant this file. BPB parameter piece size of catalog of descriptor of medium of format of the initiative fan area that recording devoir area, end fan area, filestore, hard disk, root, FAT number, distribute unit (Allocation Unit, also say previously to form a cluster) the important parameter such as size. OBR changes a program to arise by advanced format (for example the of DOS) .
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