Encyclopedia of method of bring the dying back to life of hard disk data
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Believe everybody has the following experience, of computer for no reason at all broken, the operating system after be being started afresh breaks down completely, the data of hard disk is destroyed, can reshipment system, be wasted valuable time greatly. If can be inside several minutes, even inside ten seconds data of reductive hard disk, via enhancing systematic security greatly, it is your managing and valuable time. The method with fast and reductive hard disk has a lot of, the collect of a few commonly used methods is below.

One, Windows system is reductive

Brief introduction

Windows since 95 edition begin, put the setting information of oneself and application software register a watch inside, the installation of the user / delete a program, change hardware equipment, the information such as the relevant set of documentation processing and browser Internet Explorer is recorded in register a watch inside, register a watch to have quite important place so, once put lay aside to be in,register the information inside the watch to be destroyed, light a job of partial soft hardware is unusual, heavy whole operating system breaks down completely. For safe for the purpose of, begin from Windows Me, microsoft turns into Windows was joined " the system is reductive " function, it can be expressed to registering and a few of Windows important catalog undertake backup, so that the system discovers problem or when the user needs, can Windows reductive to the condition when backup.

Operation method

Below normal circumstance, windows is set beforehand " the system is reductive " to start condition, although say Windows can time automatically,use " the system is reductive " register watch and record of other and important system to undertake backup for Windows, before installing software every time, similar operation also can be carried out, if the software of new setup appears problem, can restore the system to the condition that ready money stabilizes normally.

1. Establish reductive point

The set data of current condition of meeting general Windows records this measure come down, when the system after that day produces a problem, can have the aid of these data come over systematic rehabilitate. "The system is reductive " share 3 kinds to return origin: Systematic check check the number of is timed automatically by Windows build; The hand moves reductive dot by user hand build; Installation returns origin to be built automatically before installing software by Windows. The function with 3 kinds of bit more reductive systems is same, depend on built pattern respectively.   

Build a hand to move reductive point:   

Measure 1: Carry out [the system is reductive] , choice [build a reductive dot] ;

Measure 2: Describe a statement to return origin to join;

Measure 3: Establish reductive point successfully.

2, reductive system

Measure 1: Carry out [the system is reductive] , choice [computer reductive nod] to prior time;
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