The system cannot identify the likelihood of mobile hard disk
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To can store conveniently high capacity file, a lot of friends bought the mobile hard disk of USB interface, but discover however when use,the system cannot identify mobile hard disk. Is this why? Everybody does not want first anxious, let us start work let mobile hard disk be used for my place.
One, setting CMOS parameter
For the friend that facility receives outside crossing USB to never be being used, although installed driver correctly to appear likely also,the system cannot detect the circumstance of USB hard disk, as a result of,this basically is advocate board acquiescent CMOS port is shut, if do not have, its the setting is open condition, so Windows nature cannot detect mobile hard disk. To solve this problem, we can switch on the mobile phone afresh, enter CMOS to install the window, and be in " PNP/PCI CONFIGURATION " column lieutenant general " Assign IRQ For USB " a setting is " Enable " , such systems can allocate practicable to interrupt an address to USB port.
2, power source is insufficient
Because USB hard disk also needs to waste certain electric energy when work, if pass USB interface to take report directly, appear very likely power supply is insufficient. Accordingly, almost all mobile hard disk are accessary alone outside the PS2 that receives power source to perhaps take report through clavier turns interface, power source is received to perhaps turn through PS2 outside wanting to had joined beforehand only at this moment wiring and clavier link are nice, after ensuring to shift hard disk provides enough electric energy, retry try, at this moment should OK was used normally. Need is special those who remind everybody to notice is, before the proposal uses mobile hard disk, retain truly ample power supply, because power supply is insufficient,cause hard disk damage probably otherwise.
3, breakdown of USB extension line
Eliminate still is USB interface type likely besides afore-mentioned two respects reasons not agree with bring about mobile hard disk to cannot be used. The USB interface that for instance the computer configures is 1.1 standards, and the interface that bought mobile hard disk is USB 2.0 standard, this joins with respect to the requirement the jumper of the computer and mobile hard disk must support USB 2.0 level. Because of high speed mobile equipment inserts line of low speed collect implement, this equipment may be not installed normally, and actor still is used while some friends are using mobile hard disk dish, use actor directly to go to the lavatory dish add jumper of sent USB 1.1 standard, the mobile hard disk that causes USB 2.0 level so cannot identify correctly. Want to change jumper to be able to resolve this trouble of the standard for USB 2.0 only.
4, Windows version is too low
To a few still using Windows 95 or for the friend of Windows 97 system, although the computer deployed USB interface, but do not support USB peripheral as a result of the operating system before Windows 98, because this installs CMOS of driver, set anyhow,parameter cannot make mobile hard disk normal use. To this kind of circumstance, a kind of means of settlement is upgrade the operating system to Windows 98 above, additionally one kind of method downloads corresponding patch program to let Windows 95/97 can identify mobile hard disk to Microsoft government site namely.
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