Turn 80G hard disk into 150G hard disk
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Explain above all, former abstract from Telefon website forum, after be being come over by the interpreter, in home much home media is published, incoming letter of a lot of netizens seeks advice from the authenticity of the operation. Because,be this reason, small make up specially to called a friend to do a test by primary process, end product requests an audience: Actual measurement: Big eat of free hard disk?
If everybody has other and different opinion, welcome incoming letter make a comment or criticism.
Textual as follows:
The popularity on the closest net a kind of view, say actually existence conceals partition on hard disk, adopt a kind of method, can hardware space double, for example the capacity after 80GB EIDE hard disk uses this method is 150GB, and 200GB SATA hard disk also can achieve 510GB.
Do not believe with me? OK, let us see detailed operation move first:
One, requirement:
Ghost 2003 Build 2003.775(does not install patch) , 2 have the hard disk of OS
1. The hard disk that installs you to hope to restore to conceal partition (call hard disk T) to serve as a system for convenient for the purpose of advocate dish, and the 2nd hard disk serves as from dish (call hard disk X) . Any hard disk are OK and appropriative from dish, because won't be written into data actually. Ghost will discover the 2nd hard disk in order to complete the following step. Additional, should ensure hard disk T contains OS, and the file type of two hard disk is consistent (it is NTFS or FAT32) .
2. The standard is used to install installation Ghost 2003 Build 2003.775 on hard disk T, if have,need can restart.
3. Open Ghost to choose Ghost Basic, choose Backup from inside option, choose C: Chi  mounds catfish of  of to joke of Song of ≡ of  of Ta of You head magnetism just covers Chi  to mound K of 碠 of  of Zheng of  of Luo of egret of beautifuling Yan of  of Ping of travel of Xie of H of beans collate cease, continue or Next till the system restarts.
2, crucial step:
1. Once the machine restarts, you must be in lade DOS and PC is shut before any drive, best method is to be in see BIOS loads and detect hard disk defensive position is moved shut PC.
2. You shut a system before Ghost backs up now, take out hard disk T, replace with hard disk X. Regard the 2nd hard disk of the system as hard disk T. At this moment hard disk X will be become advocate dish, once start junior enter OS, you will see the 2nd hard disk namely hard disk T, enter administrative tool from Control Panel - computer management - disk management. Right now you will coil in the discovery on T hard disk the 8MB partition that label name is VPSGHBOOT and the big partition that a blame that never has appeared before allocates a space, be sure to keep in mind to must not delete VPSGHBOOT.
3. The choice did not allocate a space on T hard disk, found a new partition and patulous partition, fast format spends the systematic kind that selects you to hope (if OK and fast formatted word) , once the format is changed,end, delete VPSGHBOOT partition.
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