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One, know soft RAID simply
Soft RAID does not need RAID to control card, it undertakes controlling through software. Windows 2000/XP supports this function. Give everybody introduction the basic knowledge of soft RAID first.
In Windows2000/XP, cent of physical hard disk is two kinds of types, one kind is basic disk, one kind is dynamic disk. Basic disk is to include advocate the physical hard disk of divisional, patulous partition and logistic driver, can be visited by other operation sex; Dynamic disk can pass Windows 2000/XP medium " disk management " upgrade get, include only by " disk management " the trends that found coils, and by " disk management " program management, cannot be visited by other operating system so.
Soft RAID is called to coil by Windows 2000/XP. Want to use software RAID on Windows 2000, must upgrade basic disk to dynamic disk, ability establishs the zone that we want on dynamic disk the area coils (RAID0) . Roll have a variety of patterns, a few kinds when we establish soft RAID 0 to involve are below.
1. Coil simply: Those who form space of individual physics disk roll. The many area that it can be together by the join on the individual area on disk or same disk are comprised, can expand inside same disk coil simply. The simple roll into that installs an operating system coils to guide.
2. Cross an area to coil: Coil simply to also can expand other physical disk, coil to be called by what the space of many physics disk comprises so cross an area to coil. Coil simply and cross an area to coil not to belong to RAID category.
3. Take an area to coil: The form is in two or store in order to head a division on many physics disk of data roll. The data that carries an area to coil by alternant, average (in order to take area form) ground allocation gives these disk, taking an area to coil is practicable of all Windows 2000/XP first-rate of the function in coiling, but it does not offer fault tolerance. If take the attaint of any disk data that the area coils or disk trouble, whole the data that coils will be lost. It is OK to take an area to coil the RAID0 in RAID of regard as hardware.
2, build take an area to coil (RAID0)
After understanding concerned knowledge, let us look how to build to take an area high-poweredly to coil. Below already Windows 2000 is exemple, give everybody introduction. Build take an area to coil must new to hard disk form is changed, data will be lost, after so the proposal backs up hard disk data, delete Windows 2000 to be in all partition beyond partition.
Log onto Windows 2000 with systematic manager identity then, next ordinal open " disk of → of memory of computer management → manages → of my tool of government of computer → Control Panel → (this locality) " . What show in the on half part of screen is partition or the detailed circumstance that coil, below half part shows the state of physical disk, the two sort that show physical disk in the left of this one part. The disk in the graph 0, 1 it is physical disk, and now is basic disk, we should upgrade them to dynamic disk and found an area area to coil.
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