Exceed practical elementary format to change a method
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Format of hard disk low standard is changed is the properest to hard disk initialization way, through the hard disk after low standard, the data that protects so will be all and missing, so generally speaking dispute of low standard hard disk often cannot take, only very necessary when hard disk of ability low standard. And this so called necessary moment has two kinds, it is hard disk before leaving factory, hard disk factory can undertake to hard disk elementary format is changed; Another is appear when hard disk when the bad path of some kind of type, use elementary format to change it is certain to can rise alleviate or screen action.
To the first kind of circumstance, here need not say more, because hard disk leaves factory,the low standard job before has hard disk engineers to just be met only bring into contact with, to average user, need not consider the issue of this respect at all. As to the 2nd kind of circumstance, the ability when the bad path that what type is needs low standard? Before showing this decisive issue, will see the kind of hard disk bad path first.
As a whole, bad path can be divided for physics bad path is mixed logic bad path. Among them contrast of photograph of logic bad path is solved more easily, it shows hard disk is being written fashionable get meaning is long interference, cause have ECC mistake. Tell from the process, it is when showing hard disk is keeping data, can use the logistic reset data of ECC, average operating system should write 512 byte, but actually hard disk can write a few byte more, and all these byte should undertake with ECC desired result codes, if the ECC of primitive byte cipher out is corrective,numerate the ECC of byte cipher out is different, can produce ECC mistake so, this is reason of generation of bad path of so called physics.
As to physical bad path, it provides mortality more to the attaint of hard disk, it also has the distinction of bad path of soft and rigid physics, attaint of disk surface physics is rigid, this is cannot of repair. And when writing a mistake as a result of what the outside is affected and cause data, the system also can consider as physics bad path, and bad path of this kind of physics is to be able to use tool of a few hard disk (for example hard disk manufacturer offers detect repair software) come repair, in addition, to loss of small hard disk surface, tool of a few hard disk (for example western the Data Lifeguard Tools) of data is OK and new directional nice to reservation fan area will correct an error.
To these bad talk genres, the physical bad path of rigid is for certain cannot of repair, it is a kind of of pair of hard disk surfaces the directest damage, so although again low standard perhaps uses hard disk tool also cannot repair (unless be very little damage, halfway tool is OK this share bad path reservation need not be reached with this solve purpose) .
Bad to logic appearing on hard disk or soft physics bad path, the user can try use elementary format to change the intention that will obtain screen bad line, but here needs to point out, screen bad path differred to at be being eliminated bad, low standard hard disk can delete all partition inside original hard disk, but bad path still exists however, screen just conceals bad method, do not let an user use these bad methods when memory data, can assure the dependability of user data on certain level so, but bad Daoquehui influences the growth of the frequency as hard disk partition, format and diffuse spread.
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