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The novice operates computer most the eighteen movement that abstain from
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1, energetically key of knock carriage return

This is afraid is the common fault with person mutual place, when because carriage return key is us normally,accomplishing a thing, want a key of knock finally, it is probably

Stem from the excited feeling of a kind of victory, when everybody is inputting this carriage return to bolt, always be so energetically and readily knock.

Such discarding as useless of oneself many clavier, most what do not see a word first is AWSD (ah, the heart knows abdomen bright) , the key-press that cannot use first most is Enter however.     
Settle way: The means of settlement has two, the first it is the sentiment that has dominated you, the 2nd it is the purse that prepares you. The 2nd of my choosing, occasionally

Good intention affection is money buys what do not come, you?

2, it is above clavier snack, drink beverage

It is very general that this habit is afraid, I see a lot of people is such, especially enchanted person more regard computer stage as dining table will use. I

If tear open bout,think you your clavier, similar perhaps action is met reductive, the clavier that you can see you resembles Shui Jiyan same, for you at ordinary times

Habit, withheld of a lot of " fossil " , broken bits of meal bead, biscuit, hair cans be found everywhere etc, pardonable someone says: The clavier in public computer room compares a public toilet

Dirty still. Inside the clavier that at the same time such fragment enters you possibly still, jam the circuit on your clavier, cause input difficulty thereby. The harm of beverage

More fierce, destroy your clavier with respect to enough. The clavier that is you was not destroyed by good luck, be afraid make a word, also be to stick paste sticking paste very not

Feel well.

Means of settlement: Avoid to have a thing on clavier, or buy keyboard of PHILIPS of a waterproof like me, next every give for some time too

He cleans sanitation, rub oneself down with a wet towel (although still be very dirty so) ; You if if waist pack is more full, can consider half an year to change a clavier (I all along not

The proposal uses poor keyboard, but that affects healthy issue) try, should the circumstance will be better. Still have be written down so that to you the room buys a dining table.

3, smooth dish always is put in CD driver (still have when seeing VCD, suspensive hind goes out to play or have a meal)

A lot of people always like to put smooth dish in CD driver, especially CD dish, actually this kind of habit is very bad. Smooth dish is put in CD driver, CD driver is met

Every spend period of time, can undertake detecting, cut collection engine especially, always detecting ceaselessly CD driver, and times taller when fast CD driver is working, electric machinery and accuse

Make a component can produce very high quantity of heat, for manufacturer of this CD driver people thinking method is solved to the utmost all the time.
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