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The 10 old methods of divulge a secret of Internet bar online precaution
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In the Internet bar online meeting divulge a secret? Yes! In open file, input all sorts of passwords or when chatting with QQ and friend, can keep a track on the machine, thereby leak individual is confidential. For safe for the purpose of, breakthrough net is banned besides him protection, you should be in the efface when leaving these traces.

1.Begin menu divulge a secret

The beginning in Windows in menu, can have the record that visits a file recently. After you leave an Internet bar, someone else can be passed completely click " begin → documentation " the file that opens you to had looked recently, so, after handling documentation, must remember keeping clear of they.

Solve method to click Windows " begin " → " setting " → " task column and begin bill of fare " → " begin menu program " , click " documentation menu " in the project " cleared " key can. If want to delete the documentation that oneself had seen only, accessibility C:wIndowsrecent folder, ordinal cancel can.

2.The Office software divulge a secret of Microsoft

If the Office software of Microsoft is used to had compiled important document in the Internet bar, then you can want to take care, because Office software can be in " file " list in menu the file that has opened recently, someone else can see easy to doly, can duplicate these files even one is taken away!

Solve method to be with Word exemple, particular way is, in choosing Word " tool " → " option " → " groovy " , answer choose casing " list place is counted with the file recently " in front " dozen tick off " mark take out can.

3.Reclaim station divulge a secret

Win9X/ME has a character, often not was to delete a file truly, transfer it however reclaim the station became medium, and reclaim the file in the station can restore! "A person with high aspirations and determination " OK... so, after giving out must seasonable Qing Dynasty reclaims for nothing station!

Solve method to open reclaim station, click " file " → " clear sky reclaims station " perhaps choose the file that should delete, click " file " → " delete " , deleted the file truly after such operations.

4.Temporarily file divulge a secret

When if the file is quite careful, you can discover the C:w in computerThere is a few below In-dowstemp temporarily file, these temporarily the file is the generation when be being installed or running certain software, as a result of some kind of reason (the reason that is like software itself or cut off the power suddenly etc) fail to be deleted in time. These temporarily the file is to occupy space of a few hard disk at most on personal computer, hidden trouble of it doesn't matter, but in the Internet bar different, people can understand your be fond of completely through examining these documents, you once had done conjecture some of what.

After solving method to close all software programs that run, enter C:wBelow Indowstemp, delete the file inside. Attention: Is Chang of provide for of  of my collect of travel ┝ Ji static does the Huaihe River of  of stern of lock of box of Tuo of Qiang of  of bad kasaya Se lie window of Ji allow key?
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