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Information adds secret technology - example analysis
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As the progressively implementation of computer couplet net, the confidential problem of computer message appears more and more significant. Data is confidential commutation, or password technology, it is the most practical to what computer message undertakes protective with the most reliable method, the article plans to add secret technology to make one brief introduction to information.

One, information adds fine introduction

The password learns is an old and abstruse course, it is Mo Sheng to average person, because long-term since, it is only inside very few limits, if the branch such as military affairs, diplomacy, information is used. Computer code learns is to study computer message is added close, decode the science that reachs its to alternate, be maths and computer make division of v/arc private or community-run schools charging no tuition, also be a burgeoning course. As the development of computer network and computer newsletter technology, computer code learns to get take seriously unprecedentedly and gain ground quickly to rise with development. Be in abroad, it already made the research way with computer main security, also be the main content in education of computer security course.
The password is the main measure that implements confidential news report, it is to concealment the special type symbol of language, character, image. Always use the method that special type symbol agrees according to communication both sides to concealment the original shape of text, the communication way that does not identify for place of a third party calls password news report. In computer newsletter, use password technology to concealment information rise, send the message after concealmenting output again, make although,information is in in transmission process by filch or carry obtain, filch person the content that also cannot know news, assure the safety that information transmits thereby.

Any adds secret system to include at least below 4 component:
(1) , did not sum close message, also weigh proclaimed in writing.
(2) , add close the message after, also weigh close article.
(3) , add close decode equipment or algorithm.
(4) , add close decoded close key.

Send just use add close key, through adding secret installation or algorithm, add information close late send out. Receive debit to be in after getting close language, with decode close article close key, restore to be proclaimed in writing. If transmit in somebody filch, he can get the close language that cannot understand only, have confidential effect to information thereby.

2, the classification of the password

From the level with different angle different basis, can assign the code into a certain number of kind.

(one) by application technology or historical development phase differentiate:

1, manual password. Add secret operation with be being finished by hand, perhaps assist the password of the operation with simple appliance, call manual password. Form of this kind of exercise basically is before the the First World War.
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