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Systematic safety: Bright 9 big commonly used passwords install 釽 Indows system
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In the process of use computer, hard to avoid wants with contact with of of all kinds password, 9 kinds of passwords may be big housekeeping money under is most: Code of BIOS password, installation password, user code, power source government, screen is confidential code, switch on the mobile phone password, online password, classification examine password and share a code. Today, we talk about the password of these and our be closely bound up, an article before 5 kinds of passwords that tell 9 big commonly used passwords first.  

   One, BIOS password      

BIOS(Basic Input Output System) is inputted basically namely / output system, it is computer be goinged to by solidify actually advocate board a group of programs in the ROM chip that go up, offer lowermost course for the computer, the directest hardware control. What differ with other program is, BIOS is to store in BIOS chip, is not to store in disk, because it is belonged to advocate board one part, because of this everybody sometimes the name that with respect to appellation it also is different from hardware unlike software already " Firmware " (firmware) , it basically is used at depositing to diagnose test program oneself (POST program) , the I/O driver that the system moves loader, system to install program and main I/O equipment oneself and suspend service program.

If you do not hope others uses his computer, the password function that can install BIOS adds to computer " lock " . How to forget BIOS password to should do? Not anxious, the following action can help you.

What install according to the user is different, open a secret to pile up general component to be two kinds of different situations, one kind is SetUP password (when using this means, the system can be started directly, and ask to input password) when entering BIOS to install only merely; Another kind is System password (when using this means, no matter be direct,undertake BIOS setting asks to input a password, without password general accomplish nothing) . To these two kinds of passwords that the user installs, our method that defeat solution distinguishs somewhat:   

(One) password of the SETUP that defeat solutionIf the computer can guide normally, just cannot enter BIOS to install (installed SetUP password) namely, so we have the following kinds of method to choose for you:

Method one: Dubug lawNeed to start Debug below DOS condition only after forgetting a password, input following commands to be able to keep clear of by hand next password:

_ Q of   of   of   of   of   of   of _ O 71 16 of   of   of   of   of   of   of _ O 70 16

Additional, the user of not familiar Debug also can download to defeat the tool software Cmospwd that solves CMOS password technically. Start this program in DOS next, it is shown with respect to the CMOS password of meeting general user come (a variety of BIOS) such as BELL of   of   of   of   of Cmospwd support Acer, AMI, AWARD, COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, PACKARD, PHOENIX, ZENITH AMI, use very convenient.
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