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Use tool software perfect solve ARP virus
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The method is as follows:

The first pace: Installation network executes the law 2.88 enterprises defeat the official solution edition;

The 2nd pace: Install acquiescent attributive to be: Can use aleatoric parameter and network connection;

The 3rd pace: It is important to make sure the Internet bar is all machine and equipment are online (collect fees machine, server, road by implement, the switching equipment that carries IP) , at that time software can detect the IP of these machines and equipment and MAC, and add acquiescent limits of authority give these IP.

The 4th pace: Change acquiescent attributive to be: Allow to join in order to appoint condition and network, the condition is: Ban the IP below in order to paragraph IP, IP paragraph oneself are installed, it is with mine exemple, mine is 100 client computer, so setting of client computer IP is:, so here is about to install:, if perhaps wanting limits of authority big a little bit, this IP paragraph install gateway machine went, for example, way runs below the attention additionally 3 are ticked off tick off remember be being hit.

The 5th pace: Delete all client computer that already detected (the server is not moved) , wait for software to detect automatically all client computer IP and MAC.

Such later do you run ARP virus to try again below? Change IP to try below? Give you a red fork, cannot link a network, welcome everybody to check!