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The ABC of digital certificate
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One, what is digital certificate

Digital certificate is communication of the mark in Internet communication a series of data of each square identity information, offerred a kind to be on Internet test and verify the means of your identity, its action is similar to the driver's driving licence or the Id in living daily. It is by by authoritative orgnaization-----CA orgnaization, call certificate accredit again (center of Certificate Authorit Y) issues, people can identify the identity of the other side on the net with it. Digital certificate is sign one's name of number of center of accredit of certificate of a classics include publish information of close key owner and the document that publish close key. The number that the simplest certificate includes to make public center of close key, name and certificate accredit signs. The significant time of close key still includes in certificate usually, the mechanism that send card (certificate accredit center) name, the information such as the serial number of this certificate, the format of certificate follows standard of ITUT X.509 international.

The X.509 number certificate of a standard includes a few more the following content:

The version information of certificate;

The serial number of certificate, every certificate has an exclusive certificate serial number;

The sign one's name that certificate place uses is algorithmic;

The emission of certificate orgnaization name, name regulation to use X.500 form commonly;

The period of efficacy of certificate, general now certificate uses UTC time form commonly, its timing limits is 1950-2049;

The name of certificate everybody, name regulation to use X.500 form commonly;

The publicity of certificate everybody is close key;

The autograph of book of certificate issuer check.

2, why should use digital letter

The client that the technology of system of electronic business affairs that is based on Internet net makes shop on the net can obtain the information of businessman and enterprise easily, but the risk that also increased to be abused to certain and sensitive or valuable data at the same time. All finance that buyer and bargainor must have to be on Internet trade running is true and reliable, and should make client, businessman waits with the enterprise trade to just have absolutely hope each, consequently Internet (system of Internet) electron business affairs must assure to have very reliable safe and confidential technology, that is to say, must assure the 4 gist element of network safety, namely the determinism of identity of the integrality that the confidential sex that information transmits, data exchanges, undeniable sex that sends message, negotiant.

1, the confidential sex of information

The business affairs information in trading all has confidential demand. The account that is like credit card and user name by person know, be embezzled possibly, the information that order goods and pays is learned by the competitor, lose business chance possibly. Because this is in,the information of electronic business affairs all has commonly in transmission impose close requirement.
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